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  • Introduction

    Topics group Searches, RSS Feeds, Links, and a Webpage/Description together. Changing the current Topic via the Topic Menu will change the current set of Searches, Links, RSS Feeds, and Webpage/Description. Different searches can be run on the Query via the Search Menu. Different links can be opened up via the Link Menu.

    To simplify we start with the Mobile View.

    Note: TopicHero is continually evolving, including its look and feel. Several button/frame names have changed including:

    • Topic Editor (Add to Topic)
    • Webpage/Editor (Description Editor)
    • Topic Directory (Topic Manager).

    mobileviewDescriptionEditor mobileslideout  toplevelitmes  

    Here are partial sample views of the menus that pop up:


    Topic Menu


    The slide out menu provides many additional and essential tools:

    Mobilemenu1  Mobilemenu2

    Users SHOULD REGISTER and LOGIN via the Admin Action menu.

    The Desktop view has the above menu on its left side by default, as well as a right RSS Feed/Chat frame:


    Here are partial sample views of the menus that pop up:


    If you entered TopicHero via a Webpage Link, the Topic is only in your profile (Topic Menu) temporarily, you must copy it to your profile to make it permanent. This can be done, once you register/login.

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